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An LJ icon Awards

Final Fantasy Awards
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FFantasy Awards

Welcome to FFantasy_awards; an award community for Final Fantasy icons. This community is to reward Awesome Icons and their cretors who make amazing works with their FF icons!

the aim of this community is simple, every member can post an entry with their favorites icons in each categories!

If you have any questions feel free to comment at any post of the community or my journal (Robe_r0uge)

Rules about nominating and voting.

1. Nominations are Monthly.
2.All nominated must be Final Fantasy related, (Kingdom hearts, crisis core, advent children fit too!) and fit with Lj requirement (40 Kb or less, 100x100 or less)
3. put nominations inder a cut is not necessary!
4. We have 14 categories and one special category who will change every month, you can nominated 3 icons per Category and only one in the special category.
5. It seems obvious but no Hotlinking please!
6. Warn the creator when you nominate him in one category!
7. put Journal's name of the creator, not the community.
8. In voting time, do not vote for yourself, you'll be disqualified!
9. If an icon win in a category, you cannot nominate it again in that same category !
10. And finally Have fun!!


Animated Fantasy - Animated Icons
Any animated icons are acceptable in this category.

Fithoslusecwecosvinosec - Icons with an exceptional use of text
In this category, you can nominate any icon with legible text.

Flowers blooming in the Church - Best textless icons
These icons must have no text.

1000 colors - Icons with an exceptional use of colour

Eye Catching - Icons with an exceptional use of cropping

fun Racing Chocobo - Funny Icons

Real Emotion - best emotional icons

Heroes' theme - Best icons featuring heroes
Any icon that features a male protaganist (no villains allowed.)

J-E-N-O-V-A - Best icons featuring Villains

You're not alone - Icons featuring sidekicks
Any icon that features a non-main character (hero or villain). i.e. Lulu, Wakka, Vincent Valentine...

Eyes on her - Icons featuring heroines
Any icon that features a female protaganist (no villains allowed).

Love grows - Best icons featuring couples

icons of the prayer - Icons that don't fit these categories, but you love anyway
If your icon doesn't fit the above categories, put it here.

Special category - announced at the beginning of the nomination period.

If you're a little bit lost, you can use this form!


1 - 31st of month: nomination period
31st of month: nomination period closed
1st of month: voting goes up and new nomination period begins
7 to 10 days later winners will be announced!

Community info

* This community and this profile is mostly inspired by wd_awards, costume_awards

* This comm is run by robe_r0uge

* Affiliates : Affies are Here, if you want to be affiliate with use, comment on this post!

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