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20 May 2009 @ 05:42 pm
My noms!  
First I want to say thank you to deria_hime to joining the community! this is very kind !

Here we go, this is my nominations!
if there's only my nominations at the end of the month, I'll cancel the may noms! it's not a big deal, I'm just waiting for more members! =) and I'm really motivated about this community and I'll not give up!

Animated Icons
icon by thbogzdd
icon by dana_duchovny

Icons with an exceptional use of text
icon by so_vayne

Flowers blooming in the Church
Textless icons or bases
by navi_glow
by thbogzdd

1000 colors
Icons with an exceptional use of colour
by thbogzdd

Eye Catching
Icons with an exceptional use of cropping
by rik45
by princess

fun Racing Chocobo
Funny Icons
by silvrelode
by so_vayne

Real Emotion
Expressive Icons
by deria_hime

Heroes' themes
Icons featuring heroes
by messageinbottle
by shotas

Icons featuring villains
by rik45

You're not alone
Icons featuring sidekicks
by deria_hime
by snowdrifts

Eyes on her
Icons featuring heroines
by devils_sucubus

Love grows
Icons featuring couples
by messageinbottle
by silvrelode
by thbogzdd

icons of the prayer
Icons that don't fit these categories, but you love anyway

by whispyr

by whispyr